Hawthorne Rubber Manufacturing Corporation
Inhouse Precision Custom Injection, Compression & Transfer Molding

Inhouse Precision Custom Injection, Compression & Transfer Molding

Service Since 1947

When you are talking about custom-molded rubber parts, it is easier to show you some of the examples of products that our customers have designed and requested. The custom-molded gaskets, bellows, bushings, suction cups, grommets, grommeted tubing, stoppers, O-rings, and bumpers are manufactured using injection, compression, and transfer molds in-house.

Custom Molding
Many of the parts we mold are rubber to metal bonded parts. We also mold sheets or pads of custom formulated rubber for die-cutting gaskets to customer specifications, sometimes as thin as .005″ ± .0005″ thick. We mold and inspect with a tooler’s microscope, coating applicator tips with a .008″ to .012″ diameter I.D. hole in a Silicone and Fluorosilicone rubber to coat optical fiber. We injection-mold grommeted tubes with a .010″ to .012″ diameter hole. Our technical and manufacturing teams excel in your most difficult custom-molded products. We will take you from your prototype ideas, sampling, and testing into production in the shortest, most cost-effective way possible. Molds and samples can be supplied in as little as 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of your design.