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Inhouse Precision Custom Injection, Compression & Transfer Molding

Inhouse Precision Custom Injection, Compression & Transfer Molding

Standard and Custom Rubber Balls

For over 70 years, Hawthorne Rubber Manufacturing Corporation has been a supplier of both standard and precision custom-molded rubber balls to the exact specifications of OEM, industrial, laboratory, and engineering development groups. 

Some of the standard ball sizes are listed below. They are manufactured in many different materials in a wide range of durometer hardnesses.

Standard Ball Sizes

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B-.276.276"Any RubberAny Durometer7 mm Diameter
B-1/21/2"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-5/85/8"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-.787.787"Any RubberAny Durometer20 mm Diameter
B-11"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-1 3/81 3/8"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-1 5/81 5/8"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-1 7/81 7/8"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-22"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-2 5/82 5/8"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-3 5/163 5/16"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-3 1/23 1/2"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-5 1/85 1/8"Any RubberAny Durometer
B-7/8 SI-70 FDA_W7/8"Silicone70Translucent White, FDA rubber
B-1 1/8 SI-70 FDA_W1 1/8"Silicone70Translucent White, FDA rubber
B-1 1/8 NR-50 FDA_W1 1/8"Pure Gum50White colored, FDA rubber
B-1 1/8 BC-55 FDA_W1 1/8"Neoprene55White colored, FDA rubber
B-3/4 UR-953/4"Polyurethane95Amber colored rubber
B-1 UR-951"Polyurethane95Amber colored rubber
B-1 1/2 UR-951 1/2"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-2 UR-952"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-2 1/2 UR-952 1/2"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-3 UR-953"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-3 1/2 UR-953 1/2"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-4 UR-954"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-4 1/2 UR-954 1/2"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
B-5 UR-955"Polyurethane95Black colored rubber
The above table dimensions are reference dimensions. Actual dimensions vary based on the material being used. Actual dimensions will be supplied upon request.

Ball Request for Quote Form

Please enter your name, company name, phone number, ball diameter and a valid e-mail. The RFQ lot size is also a required field. We will need to know how many you need in order to develop a quotation for you.
The balance of the information is to be entered if it applies to your request.
Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to supplying your future rubber product requirements.
If you don’t see the ball size you are looking for or need a special core insert like wood or steel, ask us, and we will quote you. We supply standard and custom balls in a wide range of materials, including Fluorocarbon (both Fluorel and Viton®), Fluorosilicone, Silicone, Urethane, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPR, SBR, and Natural Rubber. We mold balls in translucent, colored, or black rubber. Some compounds can conduct electricity, or be used in FDA, dental, or pharmaceutical applications.