Standard and Custom Rubber Grommets

For more than 50 years, Hawthorne Rubber Manufacturing Corporation has been a supplier of both standard and precision custom molded rubber grommets to the exact specifications of OEM, industrial, laboratory and engineering development groups. We mold custom rubber grommets in many different materials in a wide range of durometer hardnesses.

These pages of standard grommets sizes have been developed and organized into an easy to use lookup source. The Request or Quotation form can be used to inform us of what your grommet needs are. We also have a toll free FAX number, 800-643-2580, that can be used to send us your blue print drawings.

Standard MS35489 Military Nitrile Rubber Grommets

These grommets are standard Army-Navy grommets that have a BN-50 material identification and meet MIL-G-3036 and MS35489 specifications. They are made from black Buna-N rubber. Shore A durometer hardness of 50. Temperature range is -45°F to 250°F. A complete chart listing of the MS35489 sizes is also available.

Standard Styrene Butadiene Rubber Grommets

These grommets listed in the following page are made from a black SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) compound. The hardness is 55 Shore A durometer. Temperature range of -35°F to 180°F.